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»• :;<* '*m i» K * 



' #n?i 




Mp M 



Class of 1950 


atlje 1950 
tap Coacf) 

learboofe of gmint Jllarp's: 
i§>ef)ool anb Junior College 

Saint Mary's School Library 


Witty beep appreciation to tfje staff anb to eacf) 
faculty member tofjo ti^s- generously gtben atb, 
€bitor Hucile anb justness iflanager €u>a 
offer tfjis, tfje 1950 ebttton of tfje ^>tage Coacb, 

to tfte stubents; anb frienbs; of i£>aint fRarp'si. 
Witty it goes tfje sincere toistf) tfjat, in tfje pears, 
to come, tfje memory of I960 mill Be a little 
clearer anb frienbs a little bearer lip tfje pictures 
fjere encloseb. 



Wt arribe . . . 

September 12, 1949 

Wt leabe . . . jfflap 29, 1950 


k r | 1 

U i 






A *i 


A I) 

3n jHemortam 

To the memory of Mrs. Walter Simpson whom we loved and who loved us: a 
friend who had patience with and understanding of our seemingly unimportant 
problems. Considering service to others her greatest joy and continuing in that 
service until her last days, she was a noble woman. We lovingly and gratefully 
dedicate this volumn of the Stage Coach in her memory. 

gmtebe* ?|all 


'ri. <v ,. 


v±.- •.;•>• -.-.' 




, i 



{Bfje Cfjapel 


Billing 3&oom anb #pmna£ium 

®fje infirmary 

atfje Jfront (gate 

* - » * T > 

£ >£#; 

E* " 


F *' 

. - Pi 

p J , * VV- 

,>4 ' • . 

3%? ■ ' . 

— •" ."' • .,_ '*'*■ ■• •■ .'-, 


-v ' 

.-;■ * -* ,..3 


r*>r ££#''"* 



- - » 

Jttf J 1 TT 1 



, f 





MM ^_ ^^^^1 

""""' *-«5&^£ 


Gtfje ^ubitortum 


Clje ffluxit putlbtng 

,i^' w «? 





This Stage Coach of 1950 is a mirror, reflecting the life of the students of Saint 
Mary's. Here her personnel and organizations are represented. Here also are 
the pictures of your friends. No book can tell in writing or photography the warm, 
happy story of the year that has passed. My association with Saint Mary's girls has 
always been enjoyable. This year has added to those pleasant memories. May I 
congratulate you upon your achievements, and wish for you a life rich in service 
and happiness. 

Richard G. Stone 



. . . Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever 
things are honest, whatsoever things are just, 
whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things 
are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, 
. . . think on these things. 

Martha Dabney Jones 

When years have passed by and we open 
The Stage Coach what a wealth of memories 
will come back to us ! For here have been 
formed lasting friendships; here through many 
associations we have learned to find not only 
the lasting values concerning Truth, but the 
only things which help to enrich life, preparing 
us to meet life's problems and to reach toward 
goals of satisfying accomplishments. 

I. Harding Hughes 



Ki)t Jfacultp 

Richard G. Stone President 

A.B., Western Maryland College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. Saint Mary's 1946-. 

Elizabeth Bason Home Economics 

A.B., Flora Macdonald College; M.A., Columbia Universtiy. Saint Mary's, 1924-. 

Janet R. Broughton Mathematics and French 

A.B., Lindenwood College; M.A., Oberlin College. Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Russell Broughton, Head of Music Department Organ, Harmony, History of Music 

Mus.B., Mus.M., Oberlin College; Fellow of the American Guild of Organists; Pi Kappa Lambda; Estey scholar- 
ship, Conservatoire Americain, Fontaincbleau; pupil in organ of George Whitfield Andrews, Henri Libert: in theorv, 
of A. E. Heacox: in composition, of G. W. Andrews, Nadia Boulanger: in improvisation, of Marcel Duprc. Saint 
Mary's 1940-. 

Helen Abel Brown Librarian, Spanish 

A.B., M.A., Middlebury College; A.B. in Library Science, University of Michigan. Saint Mary's, r 957.- 

Geraldine Spinks Cate Voice, Glee Club 

A.B., University of South Carolina; Mus.B., Westminster Choir College; M.A. in Music, Teachers College, Co- 
lumbia University; pupil of Julie Belle Soudant. Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Florence C. Davis Speech and Theatre Arts 

Bachelor of Oratory, Emerson College; pupil of Edith Herrick; Feagin School; Teachers College, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's 1911-. 

Sally DiCGes Spanish, French 

A.B., M.A., University of Virginia; Certificate, Alliance Francaise, Paris. Saint Mary's, 1935-. 

Mary Oliver Ellington Biology, Hygiene 

B.S., State Teachers College, Farmville, \'a.; M.S., North Carolina State College. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Jane Guess, Head of Department Physical Education 

New York State Teacher's Certificate in Physical Education, Cortland State Normal; B.S. in Dance, University 
of Wisconsin. Saint Mary's, 1938-. 

William C. Guess, Head of Department History and Social Sciences 

A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., The Johns Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1928-. 

Mary Ruth Haig ' Piano 

DePauw University School of Music; Graduate in Piano, pupil of James Friskin, Juilliard Institute of Musical Art; 
B.S. in Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia University; pupil of Sascha Gorodnitzki, pupil of Robert 
and Gaby Casadesus, Conservatoire Americain, Fontaincbleau. Saint Mary's 1937-. 

Israel Harding Hughes Bible 

A.B., University of North Carolina; B.D., Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. Saint Mary's, 1942-. 

Martha Dabney Jones English 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; A.B., Sweet Briar College; M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1937-. 

Sara Esther Jones English 

B.S., Asheville College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Mary Louise Kelly English 

A.B., University of Tcnn., M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Annie Ruth Lineberry Mathematics 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A., Columbia University. Saint Mary's, 1927-. 

Hilda Rae Liverman Physical Education 

B.S., Woman's College of the L'niversity of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1949-. 

Charles Albert Petigru Moore, Head of Department English 

A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1935-. 

John W. Morgan Chemistry 

A.B., M.A., Duke University. Saint Mary's, 1945-. 

Katharine Morris Art, History of Art 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; Studied further at University of North Carolina, Meredith College, Woman's College 
of LInivcrsity of North Carolina, Abbott School of Art, New York School of Fine and Applied Art. Saint Mary's, 


Maeel Margaret Morrison Psychology, Latin, History 

A.B., M.A., Dalhousie University; Ph.D., University of Toronto. Saint Mary's 1929-. 
Nancy Delia McLaurin English 

A.B., Coker College; M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 
Watson K. Partrick Bible, Latin, Algebra 

A.B., L'niversity of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1936-. 
Margaret Shaben Pauszek Commercial Subjects 

A.B., University of Michigan; Graduate, The Gregg School, Chicago. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 
Donald Peery Piano, Theory 

Mus.B., Oberlin College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; pupil of Rosalyn Tureck and Frank 

Sheridan, New York. Saint Mary's, 1940-41; 1944-. 
Julienne Mongin Smith, Head of French Department '. French, Spanish 

A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Certificate d'Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris. Saint Mary's, 1948-. 
Cornelia R. Winton Accompanis 

A.B., Lmiversity of Chattanooga; M.A., Duke University; Certificate in Piano, Cadek Conservatory, Chattanooga 

Tenn. Saint Mary's .1947-. 
Not Pictured: 
Eugene F. Parker German, Spanish 

B.S., Norwich University, Northfield, Yt.; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 




t~-*t r 


Miss Bessie Burkhead Brown, Secretary to the Bookstore and Post Office: Mrs. Alice C. Boyle, 
Switchboard Operator; Mrs. Connie R. Hauser, Assistant to the Librarian; Mrs. Evie Callahan, House- 
keeper; Mrs. Georgia Holleman, Assistant Dietitian; Mrs. Mary Jane Hornback, Hostess; Miss 
Julia Jordan, Secretary; Mrs. Lola Brodie Naylor, R.N., Resident Nurse; Miss Mary Lewis Sasser, 
Secretary; Miss Elizabeth Gordon Tucker, Secretary to the President; Miss Frances Vann, Assistan 
Secretary; Miss Dora Winters, Alumnae Secretary; Miss Mary Lane Siler,, Dietitian. 



Barbara VVooten, President of the Student Government Association; Aurelia Fulton, Vice-President of 
the Student Government Association; Helen Brundage, Chairman of the Hall Council. 

W$t ^tubent (Sobemment gtooctatton 

The Student Government Association is the organization at Saint Mary's that 
engenders into every girl love for the school and respect for herself. The 1 950 Stu- 
dent Government officers have tactfully, efficiently and faithfully handled their jobs. 

Jo Gaither, Secretary of the Student Government Association; Anne Cahoon, Secretary of the Hall Council; 
Anne Badcer Smith, President of the Day Students. 


pernor Council 

First row, left to right: Ray, Wooten, Fulton, Williamson, Bikle, McGuirk, Hutchens, Cozart; Bar- 
bara Wooten, Chairman; Jo Gaither, Secretary. 

Hegtelattbe pobp 

First row, left to right: Nicoll, Huskc, Wilson. Second row: Cobbs, Brundase, Shannon. Allen, Fulton. 
Third row: Harteos, Gray, Risley, Dalton, Kennedy, Wooten. Alice Wilson, Chairman: Rosalie 
Huske, Secretary; Anne Nicoll, Petition Chairman. 

$all Council 

First row, left to right: VVooten, Cahoon, Brundage, Kizer, Brown. Second row: Strosnider, Dixon, 
Scott, Proctor, Huske, Davis, Bizzell, Best, Harney, Lynch, Roe; Helen Brundage, Chairman; Anne 
Cahoon, Secretary; Carolyn Kizer, Y ice-Chairman. 


First row, left to right: Wooten, Byram, Chew, Scarboro, Davis. Second row: Gaither, Rousseau, 
Ray, Scott, Starr, Clifton, Farnell, Smith, Newson, Neal. 




1-Vn..ijjfl." ' •^l»»* 

fc-j^^j j 

Miff Wf ^^a 


> ; 



Senior Claste 

Rosalie Huske 

Beth Harriss 

Frankie Strosnider 

Eunice Bizzell 

Left to right: Strosnider, Bizzell, Harriss, Huske. 

Waste ?|tsitorp— Hoofetng pacfe 

Where did I go to school when I was young? Why I've told you lots of times! Janet, do not slam that door! I 
just cannot bear to hear a child slam a door. That is one thing Miss Bason instilled in me when I was a student at 
St. Mary's, and no grandchild of mine is going to forget it. 

Those were the good old days! How well I remember that petrifying 27th day of September in 1948. I have never 
been so frightened in my entire life! Of course, there were those habitual returners as Betty Bowles and Barbara 
Wooten who were nonchalantly registering again for another year of work, worry, and a wonderful time. 

That first week we took those horrible tests; they were named for some state — I don't remember which one but 
I know it was north of the Mason-Dixon line. We finally struggled through those and our first Saturday came when 
our "big sisters" took us out to lunch and the movies. We had such fun that day which was climaxed by the old 
girl-new girl party where we met all the faculty and so many other people that I still get confused when I remember 

That fall passed quickly with the football games at Carolina and vicinity and Hallowe'en soon rolled around when 
we Juniors gave our party for the school. We had the most horrible house of horrors ! 

Then came Thanksgiving; we stayed right at school until Friday because the polio epidemic that summer had 
made it necessary for us to begin school two weeks late. No, I didn't have polio! ■ Back we came after our vacation 
to wait, not study, until Christmas. We had the usual Christmas round of fine entertainments and our pre-Christmas 
dinner with carol singing. On our halls that night we had wonderful parties and then all we Juniors climbed under 
our desks to finish our research papers, and what papers they were ! Someone said that one of the girls. Cynthia 
Davis, she was before she married, did not go to bed for three whole nights working on hers! 

After Christmas, exams faced us. Thank goodness your children don't have to go through that now. Their down- 
fall shows progressive civilization ! We finally survived until second semester when the fun began all over again ! 
We started planning for our big Junior-Senior dance and it was such fun getting ready. The theme was ""The Good 


Ship Lollipop" — no, I don't have anymore candy — and we gave the dance on May Day. The May Day Pageant 
was lovely, but after it was over the end of school came all too quickly. There were exams, the Glee Club concert, 
the Baccalaureate sermon, and — vacation. You would have thought we were graduating the way we cried! But — 

Once more on September 12, 1949, St. Mary's opened her doors to her beloved "Belles" both old and new. Ah 
that was a marvelous year, children ! Your grandmother and all her cronies were Seniors at last and were looking 
forward to that first Sunday night date when we could stay out until 9:30. Mind you, I said 9:30 — oh, what an oc- 
casion that was ! 

The first week of school was test week as usual. Another tradition shall we say, but certainly not a very pleasant 
one ! When Saturday rolled around, we threw books, paper, and pencils aside, donned our best bib and tucker and 
were off to town with our "little sisters" for lunch and a movie. I do wish you could have been with us that night 
for our Old-girl, New-girl Party. We did have such fun meeting all of the faculty once again and trying to remember 
all their names so that we could introduce our "little sisters." That was a nightmare if ever there was one; but, in 
spite of all its drawbacks, school got off to a wonderful start. 

When Hallowe'en arrived, the Juniors gave their annual party for the school. I remember Helen Humphrey and 
Ann Shuford won the prize that night. They went as May and January from Canterbury Tales and what a pair those 
two did make! Speaking of Canterbury Tales, I wonder why Mr. Moore never made us memorize the "monk" for 
him. It seems to me we never did quite figure out whether he just plain forgot it or what ! But do let me stop this 
silly old age reminising and get on with my story. 

Nothing too exciting happened ... in the groove until Christmas time, but did we cut loose then ! We were so busy 
making plans for the Pageant and the Senior Dance that we didn't have time to crack a book for at least two weeks! 
The Pageant was lovely, the dance was out of this world, the decorations were simply exquisite, and children did 
you know that Santa was an SAE? 

The day before we left for those glorious holidays was a most unforgetable one I must say! It all started that after- 
noon when wc Seniors trembling in our boots, staggered in to take the D. C. test. I'll never forget that sinking feeling 
we had, but when we walked into the classroom, what should greet us but — DON'T SCREAM ! MERRY CHRIST- 
MAS ! C.A.P. MOORE! That made the day! That night we had the usual formal dinner and Glee Club concert 
and then the hall parties when everyone exchanged gifts. Everyone felt as though Christmas had really started. 

The next day we were so mean — we woke the whole school at six o'clock when we tried to sing Christmas Carols. 
I do believe that was the coldest morning your poor old grandmother has ever felt in her whole life! When 12:30 
came we grabbed our suitcase, coats, hatboxes, etc., and were o'ff for sixteen whole days; but before we had time to 
turn around, January 1, 1950 had come and we were back with only the fond memories of the good times had at 
home. We did try so hard to settle down to the books again and to make some sort of preparation for exams but 
it seemed as though it were all in vain. Exams came — and — well, you guessed it — most of us were still unprepared 
to face the grave ordeal. However, by some hook or crook, we lived through them, but to this day, I'll never know 

Second semester moved along fairly rapidly. The Freshman-Sophomore dance was terrific, Tom Jones was terrific, 
and Spring holidays were just simply super-duper terrific ! What does that mean? Oh, that was just a little slang 
expression used when I was growing up. 

Next on our calendar of events was May Day and the Junior-Senior. Our May Day theme was a circus and the 
court were tight rope walkers. Betty Bowles reigned as queen that year and what a pretty little circus girl she did 
make! The dance, as all S.M.S. dances, was grand; and, as usual, everyone said it was the best dance the school 
had ever had. Why children, do you know that was where I met your grandfather? He was the cutest thing that 
night, but that's a story all by itself so we will have to save that for another time. 

It seemed as though that last month of school just flew by. We began to feel a little reluctant over the thought 
of having to leave for good, but there wasn't much we could do about it; and so we followed in the footsteps of hundreds 
of other "Belles" and watched graduation weekend finally approach. The Commencement play, the Baccalaureate 
Service, Step-singing, and the final address brought to a close our happy days at Saint Mary's. Both joy and sorrow 
were mixed in our departure, but as we left, we left with a special feeling in our hearts for our beloved school and for 
all who helped to make it that perfect and unforgetable place. 

And now off to bed all of you, because if your mother comes home and finds you still up she will skin, me alive. 

Good night, dear ones! 

Olivia Lynch and Betty Ray 

Claste $ropf)ecp 

It was Saturday afternoon, July 6, 1975. We were quietly riding around looking at the beautiful homes when some- 
body yelled, "Come to the circus." It's the greatest thing since Charlotte. It was Jo Gaither, a barker at the circus. 
That started the strangest adventure of all time, and we still are not sure whether or not it really happened. What 
do you think? 

Betty Shields sold us our tickets, and Bert Allen Russ gave us a program that she had printed on her own little printing 
press. Before we had got past the gate, Betsy Brown had sold us ten boxes of crackerjacks. She directed us to the 
side shows where Binny Chew was herding people in and shouting, "See my husband, the tallest man on earth ! Also 
see the greatest Hucklebucker in existence, Lou Byram! Watch Frankie' Strosnider swallow swords! Pepper Neal will 
eat fire and use gasoline as a chaser! See if you can trick Martha Nash on a question!" After that build up 'we went 
in to watch them perform. While we were there we saw Ellen Weaver, the biggest woman in the world; Anne Shuford, 
the best mountain square dancer ever; Julia and Vivian Scott, the Simese twins from Raleigh, N. C. Kay Boyette was 
sitting next to her husband, the world's fattest man. We recognized the India rubber man as Gloria Farnell and the 


strongest woman on earth as Alary Frances Gilbert. Last were the "girls," Olivia Lynch, Annie Robertson, Nancy Dixon 
and Sue Burdelle, who were all dressed appropriately for their dances. That was a grand finish for the side shows. 

Then came the animals with Shirley Fox and her collection of long necked giraffe. Beside them was Belly Ray and 
her famous flea circus. (They did everything but bite dogs.) Nancy Harp was frantically trying to get their costumes 
fixed and we could see that Miss Bason's Home Ec. had paid off. Mary Anne Rose and Belli Harriss were diligently 
watering the elephants, while Lib Suiter was trying to climb upon the elephants' heads for her act. Ginny Anne Landis 
with her collection of rare parrots had at last found something that could out talk her. We actually never thought 
she would. Sara Anne Proctor and Lila Rousseau were entertaining their apes while trying to get them into a good mood 
for their act. Evidently they succeeded, for the apes were in hysterics. Phyllis Kelly was playing the organ so that 
her bears could dance. Everyone was unbelievably busy. 

We could still hear the strains of Kelly's organ as we walked on toward the main gate and Helen Brundage's fortune 
telling booth. It seemed as though she had told our fortunes in times past. Sylvia Newson had a little Community 
Chest booth and had exceeded her goal. We were not surprised at that. .1/ Wilson was the new Mr. Anthony, counci- 
lor for the love lorn, and people were flocking to her for advice. Monie Row/and, who was sound asleep, was leaning 
against Liz Everage's hot dog stand . That was another thing which didn't surprise us. We wanted to ask her about 
the west, but we didn't want to disturb her. We looked over toward the main gate and there was Babs Woolen wan- 
dering around with an important look on her face. It seemed that she was owner of this circus and looking for Luke 
Hill and her building crew. Amelia Fulton, the manager, came running by shouting that circus spirit was not good 
and something must be done immediately. Babs told us to excuse the interruption because Aurelia always did gel 
excited over spirits. We asked her if there was anyone else we knew working with the circus. She told us that Liza 
Chipley ran the circus library and Anne Cahoon was respectfully submitting the pay checks. Just when we heard a tre- 
mendous applaus from within the tent, and Babs told us that it was time for the big show to start. We excitedly went 

First of all Jean Wranek sang the "Star Spangled Banner," and then Rosalie Huske, who had charge of the main show, 
announced that Kitty Faucet! was absent. The show proceeded with fearless Suzanne Dawson being shot from a can- 
non into the arms of her waiting husband, who was walking a tight rope. Mary Scarboro hung by her teeth from the 
highest trapeze, and Mary Smith, Joan Stieber, and Cecile Bicketl, were doing triple summersalts through the air on 
the other trapezes. Lucile Best skated between them on the highest tight rope. Such graceful creatures! Was it 
from Mrs. Guess' modern dancing? Next Scolty Kent brought out her trained seals for their act of balancing balls. 
The clowns, Monty Redd, still reading "True Romances," and Anne Badger Smith, not cracking a smile, paraded about. 
Ann Mckenzie and Sara Plolcolm were clowning as usual. All of this was in honor of Betty Bowles, queen of the circus. 
Rosalie announced that Mary Mar Ragland would dive from a fifty foot tower into a tub of water five feet deep, and 
Joanne Liles, Janet Linker and Patsy Davis would ride bicycles down a tremendous slide with a loop in it. We were 
truly amazed at their talent. The band played, and Katie Clifton came riding out on the buckingest horse we ever 
saw. She was proclaimed winner over all the other riders. Next came the bare-back riders, Patty Starr, Jean Stockton, 
Frances Elder, Eunice Bizzell, Brookie Craft and Carolyn Kuer. I never knew those girls were ever acquainted with horses. 

Just about that time we heard someone yelling for her mother. 'Twas Helen Young, and who should come running 
but Betty Browne Lewis and Kalhryne Holmes. We guessed from that that they were both mothers. Skeelie Wilkms 
was doing a remarkable act with knives. She always did want to be a Carver. Last of all came the snake women, 
Jean Lutz, and Virginia McFarland. Imagine former Saint Mary's girls playing with snakes. Could it have been 

The big show was over and we walked from the grounds dazed. We thought that we had seen everybody, but 
there was Libba Roe racing a powerful car around in a circle. She never slowed down enough for us to find out whether 
or not she was a part of the show or just cutting up. We guessed it was a special act. We had seen enough, but 
there was one thing that we didn't quite understand — why was everybody in the circus? Was it the desire for the 
lighter side of life after English 31? We decided that that was the only possible reason, and if everybody else needed 
to be in the circus, we did too. Our first job was to sell peanuts. 

Cynthia Davis and Heilig Harney 

£a*t Will anb ^lament 

On this 28th day of May, 1950, we the Senior Class of Saint Mary's School and Junior College, being of sound 
body and sane mind, bequeath the following articles in the manner named below: 

Article I 

To Dr. Stone, we express appreciation for the interest he has shown in us, and the high ideals that he has set before 

To Miss Jones, for her patience and guidance, we leave our heart-felt thanks and best wishes, along with the coke 

To Mr. Moore, we leave believing in Santa Claus and Cabin by the Lake Chaperons! 

To Miss Ellington, we leave our love and best wishes for being a wonderful adviser to us for two years. 

To the Raleigh Police Force, we leave, hoping that without our Shrieks, they may soon catch the "'little man." 

Article II 

We, the Senior Class, as we leave Saint Mary's to spread her fame, to live up to her ideals, bequeath the following 
qualities, to you, the Student body. 

We, Betty Battle and Jean English leave our needles and a pack of a f gyle sock yarn to Louise McCann. 

I. Lucile Best, distribute my capability among the rising Senior Class, for I won't need it at Carolina. 

I, Eunice Bizzell, leave all my phone calls on 3rd Smedes to Mary Ann Guthrie who already seems to have a head 


I, Betty Bowles, leave Mr. Moore snowed. 

I, Kay Boyette, leave my petite stature to "Bimbo" Parshley. 

I, Betsy Brown, leave my quietness to A. J. Owens. 

We, Babs Wooten and Helen Brundage, leave, without signing out. 

I, Sue Burdette, leave for Wrightsville, hoping to come back without crutches this time. 

I, Lou Byram, leave for Georgia. 

I, Ann Cahoon, leave my posture to the Broughtons. 

I, Liza Chipley, leave my bottle of Hadacol to Margaret Stewart. It cured me. 

I, Katie Clifton, leave ist East Wing for California, where I, too, have my own private bathtub. 

I, Brookie Craft, leave Saint Mary's slowly and nonchalantly as usual. 

I, Cynthia Davis leave my bed to someone who can make better use of it than I did. 

We, Patsy Davis and Gloria Farnell, leave all of our A grades to "Shep" Rustin and Jean Acker. 

I, Beth Harris, leave my friendliness to Lou Ann VVatkins. 

I, Luke Hill, leave my artistic ability to Laura Davis. 

I, Sara Holcomb, leave Saint Mary's having distinguished between Dr. Pepper and Dr. Parker. 

I, Aurelia Pulton, will my well-worn copy of "How To Win Friends and Influence People" to Rachel Cozart. I 
hope it helps her as much as it did me. 

I, Phylis Kelly, leave the organ keys, stuck — 

I, Scotty Kent, leave the telephone booth in Holt to Widgee Switzer, who from past experience, uses it almost as 
much as I do. 

I, Carolyn Kizer, leave my voice to Virginia Mowcry. 

I, Ginny Anne Landis, leave frantic. 

I, Betty Brown Lewis, leave my dignity to Lucy Ann Bodie. 

I, Anne Badger Smith, having appointed Joanne Liles and Janet Linker on my final committee, leave Saint Mary's. 

I, Sara Ann Procter, leave 2nd Holt still believing in Santa Claus. 

I, Mary Scarboro, leave my Southern drawl to Alice May, knowing she could make good use of it. 

I, Virginia McFarland, leave jitterbugging. 

I, Pepper Neal, hate to leave the Sigmas, but wish them lots of luck. 

I, Ann McKenzie, leave in my own beautiful red Chrysler convertible. 

I, Sylvia Newson, leave my natural blond hair to Mary Louise Monk, who tried so hard. 

We, Mary Marshal Ragland and Katherine Holmes, leave still carrying all the memories of our trip abroad. 

We, Betty Ray and Olivia Lynch, leave West Rock to Miss McLaurin. 

I, "Monty" Redd, leave for Va. and take my dry wit with me. 

I, Lila Rousseau, hate to go without catching the little man, but leave my flash light to Miss S. E. Jones. 

I, Monie Rowland, leave Saint Mary's with my little jewelry box, filled to the brim with fraternity pins. 

I, Ber/ta Allen Russ, leave my weekends at Chapel Hill to Ann Miles. 

I, Vivian Scott, leave East Rock to Miss Brown. 

I, Julia Scott, leave all my spare time to Frankie Allen, assured that she can make use of i(. 

I, Betty Shields, leave my long black hair to Frances Corleto. 

I, Ann Shuford, leave my shoes at Saint Mary's because I don't need them in the mountains. 

I, Patty Starr, leave a nickle to start a fund for Escalators to 3rd floor. 

I, Joan Stieber, leave the library at last. 

I, Jean Stockton, leave Millie. 

I, Frankie Strosnider, leave Chemistry class still blushing over Bill. 

I, Lib Suiter, leave my ability to become a farmer's wife to Bumps Swink. 

I, Ellen Weaver, bequeath my tiny waist to Nancy Woodruff; I hope it fits. 

I, Al Wilson, leave my flat heels to Micky Rooney's next wife. 

I, Jean Wranek, leave my love for Lynchburg to Sandra Sims who hails from there, too. 

I, Helen Young, leave, still in a fog. 

I, Martha Nash, trip lightly away, leaving my intellect to Betsy Wood. 

I, Libba Roe, leave my last name to Shad. 

I, Mary Smith, leave my love for Duke to Peggy Hooker, because it won't fit in at Carolina. 

I, Suzanne Dawson, bequeath my favorite saying, "give me a drag!" to anyone who can use it as much as I do. 

I, Nancy Dixon, leave for Charleston where I will spend the rest of my life on my yacht. 

I, Liz Everage, leave Mr. Guess' classes still in a trance. 

I, Kitty Faucette, still leave all my Saturday classes. 

I, Shirley Fox, leave my nack of avoiding questions to Nedra Gilmore. 

I, Rosalie Huske, leave my way with the men to Margaret Cheatham, although she really doesn't need it. 

I, Jo Gaither, leave mononucleous to Mrs. Naylor, with a complete list of symptoms. 

I, Heilig Harney, leave for Mulberry Hill where I can 'coon hunt and smoke my pipe in peace. 

I, Nancy Harp, leave big red Holt for a little white house in Kentucky. 

I, Frances Elder, leave my curiosity to Ann Dunn. 

I, Cecile Bickett, leave my memories of the Debutant Ball to the future Raleigh debs. 

I, Jean Lutz, leave my neatness to Tina McNulty, as if she needs it! 

I, Annie Robertson, leave my vast store of English notes to the rising Seniors. 

We, Binny Chew and Mary Anne Rose, leave our money and good looks to everybody who needs them as much 
as we do. 

We, the testators, Chew and Rose, representing" the senior class, do hereby appoint Miss Mary Oliver Ellington 
and Dr. Richard G. Stone as administrators of this, our Last Will And Testament, and instruct the above mentioned 
to carry out the same. 

Mary Anne Rose 
Binny Chew 



Lucile Kelly Best 

Clinton, N. C. 

Torchlight, two jumps ahead, bullous and bows 

Editor of the Stage Coach '49-'5o; Pub- 
lication Staffs '46-'50; Associate Editor of 
Stage Coach, ^B-^g; News Editor of 
the Belles '48-'49; President of The Order 
of the Circle ^p-^o; President of the 
Freshman Class '4,6-' 47; Honor Council 
|*47-'48; Legislative Body '46-'47; '48-'49; 
'Letter Club '4Q-'5o; All-Star Basketball 
Manager '48-'49; Honor Roll ^6-'^g; 
Canterbury Club "46-'5o; Dramatic Club 
*46- 1 5o; Vice-President '^Q-'^g; Christmas 
Pageant '50; Hall Council '50; Mil Cheer- 
eader 'tf-^o; Chief '48-'4q; Orchesis 
47"5°> Secretary '48-' 49; Sigma Pi Alpha 
50; Mu. 

Cecile Meetze Bickett Raleigh, N. C. 

Sister, tiny feet, convertibles 

Granddaugliters Club '46-'' 49; Belles '49- 
'50; Advertising staff of St ace Coach 
49~ , 5o; Sigma. 

Eunice Wooten Bizell Goldsboro, N. C. 

blushes, giggles, cotton top 

Hall Counselor '49-'5o; President of Doc- 
tor's Daughters Club ' 49^50; Y.W.C.A. 
^g-^o; Altar Guild ' 49-50; Orchesis 
1 49-'5o; Swimming Club "49; Treasurer of 
Senior Class '50; Stage Coach *^q^^0; 
Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Mary Elizabeth Bowles 

Statesville, N. C. 

beauty 'n brains, charmer, versatile 

Dramatic Club ^B-^q; Y.W.C.A. ^b'-^o; 
Letter Club "49-'5o; Basketball All-Star 
'48; Softball All-Star ^S-^g; Secretary, 
Superlative of Sophomore Class '48; Vice- 
president of Junior Class -49; May Court 
' 48-49; Bulletin "46-'5o, Editor '50; Circle 
'50; Swimming Club '48; Literary Societv 
'48: Sigma Pi Alpha ^g-^o"; Marshal '50; 
Publications Key '47; Circle '4g-'5o; Mu. 

Katherine Kelly Boyette 

Carthage, N. C. 

petite, neat, and sweet 

Glee Club '47-'49; Hall Representative 
- 48-"4q; Dramatics Club *47-*48, Mu; 
Y.W.C.A.; '47-'5o; Christmas Pageant '50. 

Elizabeth Josephine Brown 

Riderwood, Maryland 

tweeds, sports, converted Yankee 

Letter Club '49-50, President of Letter 
Club '50: Athletic Council '50; Hockey 
Team All-Star '49: Softball Manager '49; 
Nominating Committee '49; Canterbury 
Club '50: Hall Counselor '50; Siema; 
Christmas Pageant '50; Circle '49-*5o; Mu. 



Helen Canon Brundage Tryon, N. C. 
Madam Chairman, sincerity-, gracious 

Sigma '47-'5o; Choir '47; Stage Coach 
Advertising Staff ^S-^o; Stage Coach 
Editorial Staff '48; Bulletin Staff '49; Editor 
of Student Handbook '49; Y W.C.A. '47, 
Vice-President ^-^g; Canterbury Club 
'50; Glee Club '49; Sigma Pi Alpha '49-' 50; 
Circle '49-'50; Chairman of Hall Council 
'50; Altar Guild ? 4g-'5o; Nominating com- 
mittee '49; Honor Council '49; Legislative 
Body '49-'5o; Hall Counselor '50; Christ- 
mas Pageant '50. 

Nancy Sue Burdette Raleigh, N. C. 

Wardrobe, Pika Pin, motor boats 
Stage Coach Advertising Staff '49; Sigma. 

Mary Louise Byram. .Washington, N. C, 
Hitch, movie fan, Lou 

; Cheerleader Sigma 
50; Stage Coach Edi- 

Y. W.C.A. '48-'5 

'48-'50, Chief '49 

torial Staff '48; Hall Council *49-'50; May 

Day Pageant '48; Handbook Teache; 

'49-'5o; Sigma. 


Anne Hil.i_.iard Cahoon 

Burlington, N. C. 

Figure 'JV figures, intellect, orchesis 

Treasurer of Junior Class '49; Orchesis 
49-5 o : Canterbury Club '4g-'5o; Sigma; 
Glee Club '49; Choir , 49-*5o; Posture 
Queen '49; Secretary of Hall Council 
'49~'5°; President of Sigma Pi Alpha 
'49-'5o; Member of Sigma Pi Alpha 
'49-5°; Hall President *49-'50; Christmas 
Pageant '50. 

Elizabeth Binford Chew 

Waynesboro, Virginia 

vivacious, Johnny, big brown eyes 

Dance Marshal '49-' 50; Hall Council 
49" 5°- Canterbury Club '49-'5o; Christ- 
mas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Eliza Knox Chipley 

drive, ads, wit 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Stack Coach 
Business Man 

rs Club '46 

.0; B, 

Staff, , 47- , 49, 
•lies Staff "49; 
'50; Sigma. 



Kathrvne Beach Clifton 

China Lake, California 

Lab, ist EW, rushing 'round 

Canterbury Club ^o-'sojGranddaughters 
Club '49- ? 5o; Vice-Hall Counselor '50; 
Lab Instructor '50; Orchcsis '4g-'50. 

Cynthia Lou Davis Durham, N. C. 

originality, uniqueness, mischievous 

Mu; Bulletin '4g-'5o; Belles *4Q- t $0\ Hall 
Vice-Counselor '50; Senoir Life Saving 
'4g; Canterbury Club '4g-'5o; Letter 
Club '4g-'50. 

Patsy Ann Davis Inez, N. C. 

Saturday nights, Senorita, Conscientious 

Glee Club '49-' 50: Librarian '50; Y.W.C.A. 
'4g-'5o; Hall Counselor '50; Honor Roll 
'4g; Advertising Staff of Stage Coach 
'50; Sigma; Christmas Pageant '50. 

Suzanne Wooten Dawson 

Cramerton, N. C. 

charm, Carolina Sponsor, sleeping 

Chief Marshal '4g-'5o; Canterbury Club 
'47-'5o; Stage Coach Staff '47-'5o; Belles 
Staff , 47- , 4g; Dramatic Club '47-^; Glee 
Club '48-^; Letter Club '48-^; Senior 
Life Saving "48-^; Hockey All Star-^o; 
Altar Guild '4g-'5o; Circle '4g-'50, Treas- 
urer '50, Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Nancy Marie Dixon Charleston, VV. Ya. 

sUmness, University of Virginia, boats 

Y.W.C.A. "4g-'5o; Doctor's Daughters 
'49"5°; Hall Counselor "4g-'5o; Mu. 

Frances VVyatt Elder Hyde, Maryland' 
questions, monogrammed bath robe, Red hair 

Choir '48-'4g, "4q-'5o: Canterbury Club 
'49- 5°; Softball Team '4g; Tennis Tourn- 
ament '4g; President of Altar Guild ^-'50; 



Jean Mary English Charlotte, N. C. 

naps, eyelashes, knitting 
Dramatic Club '49; Y.W.C.A. '4g-'5o; Mu. 

Elizabeth Anne Everage 

Appalachia, Va. 

wedding bells, "Liz" smiles 

Canterbury Club *49-'5o; Server '50; 
Belles '50; Orchesis '50; Mu. 

Gloria Farnell Greensboro, N. C. 

analyt, amiable, two date dance 

Y.W.CA. ^-'50; Council '50; Vice Hall 
Counselor '50; Dramatic Club, '4g-'5o; 
"As You Like It;" Advertising Staff of 
Stage Coach '50; Mu. 

Katherine Amelia Faucette 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Kitty, songbird, pig tails 

Sigma; Glee Club ^g-^o; Voice Cer- 
tificate '50; Stage Coach Advertising 
Staff '49. 

Shirley Ann Fox 

pint-size, partie. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Doctor's Daughters ^G-^o; Secretary 
'49-'5o; Day Student Dance Marshal 
'48-'49; Day Student Hall Council Repre- 
sentative ^g-^o; Advertising Staff of 
Stace Coach; ^S-'so; Christmas Pageant 
'50; Sigma. 

Aurelia Hope Fulton 

Walnut Cove, N. C. 

personality, elf look, kin-folks 

Vice-President of Student Government 
Association ^g-^o; The Order of the 
Circle ^g-^o; Marshal '49-50; Honor 
Council ^-'50; Legislative Body '46-'47, 
^g-^o; Publication Staff '47*'5o; Associate 
Editor of the Stage Coach ^S^g; Can- 
terbury Club ' 46^50, Treasurer '46-' 47; 
Council '47-'48, President '48-^; Altai- 
Guild ^S-^o; Dance Marshal ^S-^g; 
Vice-President of Sophomore Class "47-"48; 
Dramatic Club '46-' 50; Program Chair- 
man ^S-^g; Sigma Pi Alpha '48-* 50; 
Letter Club "47-*5o; All-Stars in Basket- 
ball '47-'49, Captain '49; Volleyball 47- 
'48; Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 



Josephine Wood Gaither 

sunny disposition, u I'n 

Charlotte, N. C. 
soooo excited} 3 ' Frank 

Secretary of Student Government '50; 
Honor Council ^o.-^o; Canterbury Club 
'49, President '50; Sigma Pi Alpha '49, 
Vice-President '50; Granddaughters Club 
^H-^o, Vice-President '49; Stage Coach 
Staff '48; Bulletin Staff '49; Glee Club 
1 48- 1 49; Altar Guild '50, Vice-President 
'49; Vice Hall Counselor, '50; Member of 
The Circle '50; Christmas Pageant '50; 
Honor Roll ^B-^g; Sophomore Super- 
lative '47-'48; Sigma. 

Mary Frances Gilbert Raleigh, N. C. 

eye lashes, hockey champ, slim 

Sigma; All-Star Softball '49; Hockey (1st 
team) '50; Stage Coach Advertising Staff 

Grace Hkilic Harney Edenton, N. C. 

Mullberry Hill, dungarees, " assembly dismissed"' 

Chairman of Assembly '50; Circle '49*'5o; 
Letter Club '49; Choir '49; Mu; Glee 
Club '49: Altar Guild "50; All-Star Softball 
'49; All-Star Volleyball '49; Relies ' 49/50; 
Hall Counselor '49. 

Nancy Elizabeth Harp Pikcsvillc, Ky. 

calmness, saving basket. Altar bourn/ 

Choir '49-"5o; Glee Club '49-'5o; Y.W.C.A. 
'49-'5°; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Hocgard Harriss 

Wilmington, N. C, 

Wrightsville Beach, turtle, popularity 

Dance Marshal '49-*5o; Senior Class 
Vice-President "50; Acolyte '50; Canter- 
bury Club '49-' 50; Granddaughters Club 
'49-'5o; All-Star in Volleyball '49: Or- 
chesis '50; Mu. 


Lillyan-Lee Hill Raleigh, N. C. 

"Luke," originality, golden locks 

"Church Street"' "49; "A Child Is Born" 
'49; "As You Like It" "49; Business man- 
ager of Dramatics Club '49: Doctor's 
Daughters '49-"5o; Business Staff of Stage 
Coach '49; Glee Club '49; Day Student 
Hall Council Representative "50; Mu. 


Sara Eleanor Holcomb Elkin, N. C. 

Wake Forest, gullible, bangs 

Y.W.C.A. '49; Glee Club '49; Canterbury 
Club '4g-"5o; Mu. 





D. C. 

Gay Paree, Annapolis, cosmopolitan 

Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Stage Coach '48-'4g; 
Hall Representative '48-'4g; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '48-'50. 

Rosalie Andrews Huske 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Madonna, "Now sing we all to DKE" 
dazzling smile 

President Sr. Class '50; Hall Representative 
'49; Nominating Committee '49; Legis- 
lative Body, Secretary ' 49X50; Order of 
Circle *4g- , 50, Secretary '50; Hall Council 
'50; Stage Coach Staff '50; Canterbury 
Club '4g-'5o; Sigma; Christmas Pageant 

Phyllis Kelly Raleigh, N. C. 

organist, witty, "Kelly" 

Glee Club '49; Dramatics Club, '49; 
Basketball '49; Baseball (varsity) '49; Mr. 
Broughton's assistant '50; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Land Kent Kingsport, 

9110, Jodp/wrs, Scoltie 

Belles '49-'50, Associate Editor '5 
chesis '4q-'5o; Choir ^g-^o; Glet 
49"5°' Server '50; Sigma. 

; Or- 


Carolyn Elizabeth Kizer Brevard, N. C. 

Strawberry blond, ".IV 1 , determination 

Hall Counselor '50; Vice-Chairman Hall 
Council '56; Stace Coach Editoral Staff 
'49V50; Bulletin '49; Canterbury Club '50; 
Glee Club '49; Christmas Pageant '50; 
Sigma . 



Virginia Anne Landis Charlotte, N. C. 

" grandios" ' 3 sparkle, "I'm frantic"' 

Glee Club '49; Canterbury Club '49-'5o; 
Chief Dance 'Marshal '50; Mu; Hockey 
Team '49; Orchesis ' 40X50. 

Betty Brown Lewis Charleston, W. Va. 

frankness, "/?. B.'\ dignity 

Dramatic Club '48-'5o; Stage Coach 
Staff '49; Y,W.C.A. '48-'5o; Swimming 
Club '48; Belles '48-'4g; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'48-*5o; Hockey First Team '48-" 49; 
Christmas Pageant '50; Sigma. 

Joanne Liles Raleigh, N. C. 

scarfs, monologues, sweetness 

Sigma; Dramatics Club '49-*50; Stage 
Coach Advertising Staff '49-"5o; Doctor's 
Daughters '50; Shakespeare Commence- 
ment Play '49. 

Janet Linker Raleigh, N. C. 

el espanol, blue specs, "commuter" 

Advertising Staff of Stage Coach '49; 
Dramatics Club '49; Sigma. 

Barbara Jean Lutz Hickory, N .C 

soft-voiced, neatness, reserve 

Stage Coach '49; V.W.C.A. '49-'5°; 

Olivia Cary Lynch Wilmington. N. C 

West Rock, '''you all," seamstress 

Hall Council '50: Canterbury Club "40- '">"- 
Secretary "50; Altar Guild '49-'5o; Choir 
"49-' 50; Home Economics Certificate '30;. 



Virginia Lee McFarland 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Jitterbug, "Ginger," Garbage 

Sigma Cheerleader '48-'49; Orchesis '49- 
"50; Swimming Club '49-*5o; Life Saving 
'49; Canterbury Club '49-'5o; Grand- 
daughters Club '49-'5o; Altar Guild '50; 

Ann Marie McKenzie Raleigh, N. C. 

red cars, './o Deb, co-operative 

Belles Staff '49-'50; Stage Coach Adver- 
tising Staff , 49-*5o; Hall, Council '49; Mu. 

Martha Emeline Nash Bluefield, W. Va. 

chemistry whir. Belles features, pointed toes 

Canterbury Club '49-*50; Belles ^g-'so. 
Feature Editor '50; Bulletin '49; Stage 
Coach ^g-^o; Altar Guild '49-'5o; Acolyte 
'50; Honor Roll '49; Swimming Club 
*49-'5o; Senior Life Saving '49; Sigma. 

Anne Pepper Neal 



"Just for kicks,' 

contagious laugh, "Sigma 

President of Sigmas '50; Canterbury Club 
'4Q-'50; Letter Club '49-"5o; Choir '4Q-'5o; 
All-Star Hockey '49, Captain '49; All-Star 
Basketball '49, Captain '49; All-Star 
Volleyball '49; All-Star Softball '49; 
Hockey Award '49; Athletic Point Award 
'49: Hall Vice-Counselor '50; Sigma. 

Sylvia Leas Newson Charlotte, N. C. 

angel, Community Chest, serenity 

All-Star Hockey , 47-'49- Y.WIG.A. '47; 
Council '48, Secretary-Treasurer '49, Presi- 
dent '50; Glee Club ? 47-'5o: Letter Club 
"48-'5o; Posture Queen '48; Altar Guild 
'50; Belles Staff '49, Associate Editor '50; 
May Court "47-'48; Stage Coach Ad- 
vertising Staff '47; Hall Vice Council '50; 
Dance Marshal *48-*50; Hall Representa- 
tive '48; Christmas Pageant '50; Sigma. 

Sara Anne Proctor 


N. C. 

sports, practical joker, Mademoiselle 

Hall Council '50; President Mu's '50; 
Y.W.C.A. , 47-'5o; Letter Club '47^50, 
President '48-' 49; Swimming '47-' 49, Presi- 
dent '49; Tennis Award '47-'4g; Christmas 
Pageant '50; Mu. 



Mary Marshall Ragland Raleigh, N. C. 

Europe, cashmere sweaters, dithers 

St ace Coach Advertising Staff '48-'4g; 
Hockey '48-'50, Captain '50; Dance Mar- 
shal '48; May Court '47-'4g; Senior Life 
Saving '49; Letter Club '49-'5o; Mu. 

Betty Landon Ray 

Faison, N. C. 

friendly, musical, capable 

President of Junior Class '49; Canterbury 
Club '49-'50, Vice-President '50; Grand- 
daughters Club '49-'5o, President '50; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '49-50; Honor Roll '49; 
Belles '49-'5o; Stage Coach Editorial 
Staff '49-'5o; Altar Guild '50; Choir 
'4g-'50, President '50; Honor Council '50; 
Hall Vice-Counselor '50; Legislative Body 
'49; Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Mildred Montague Redd Ellerson, Va. 

subtle wit, True Romance, Canasta 

Doctor's Daughters Club '48-' 49; YAV.C.A. 
'48-' 49; Sigma Softball '49; Sigma. 

Annie Adams Robertson Lynchburg, Va. 

Virginia Beach, Lynchburg lingo, studious 

Canterbury Club '50; Y.W.C.A. '49; 
Orchesis , 49-'5o; Bulletin '49; First Team 
Hockey '50; May Day Pageant '49; Mu. 

Elizabeth Roe Wilmington, N. C. 

Davidson, gaily, wardrobe 

Hall Council '50; Marshal '50; YAV.C.A. 
'49"*5°» Sigma. 

Mary Anne Rose Henderson, N. C. 

.Xag^s Head and . . . , funniness, good-looker 

Marshal '50: Altar Guild, '40-'5o: Sigma 
Pi Alpha '48-'50; Dance Marshal '4Q; 
Canterbury Club ^/-'"o: Belles Staff 
'47-'5o; Stage Coach *47-'5o, Gle: Club 
'47-'49; Granddaughters Club '47-*5°j 
Dramatic Cluh *47- 3 5o; Sigma. 



Lila Gilbert Rousseau 

Winston-Salem, N. O. 

chatter, art splashes, love birds 

Sigma Cheerleader '50; Doctor's Daugh- 
ters Club '49-'5o; Canterbury Club 
? 4g-'50; Letter Club ^g-^o; Hall Vice- 
Counselor '50; Marshal '50; Swimming 
Club '49-'5o; Life Saving '49; Softball 
Captain '49; Altar Guild '49; Grand- 
daughters 1 Club '49; Treasurer '50; Sigma. 

Edmonia Preston Rowland Sumter, S. C. 

S. C. talk, graceful hands, those eyes 

Glee Club '47~*48; Altar Guild "48-'5o; 
Christmas Pageant '49; Swimming Club 
'48- 3 49; Bowling Team '48-'4g. 

Berta Allen Russ Raleigh, N. C. 

newsprint, grade A, Chapel Hill 

Honor Council '49; Nominating Com- 
mittee *4g; Sigma Pi Alpha '4g-'5o; Circle 
'49 - '5°J Stage Coach Advertising Staff 
'46-'50j Business Manager Stage Coach 
'49; Editor Belles '50; Bulletin Staff '48-'49; 
Sophomore Superlative; Art Certificate; 
Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Mary Burns Scarboro Wadcsboro, N. C. 

Rufus, good natured, Kappa Sigs 

Hall Council '50; Secretary and Treasurer 
of Sigma Pi Alpha '50; Swimming Club 
'48- J 5o; Belles Editorial Staff "48, Circu- 
lation Staff '4Q-'5o: Y.W.C.A. '47-'50; 
Dramatic Club '48; Sigma. 

Julia Fave Scott Leaksville, N. C. 

East Rock, neat as a pin, composed 

Doctor's Daughters Club s 4g-'50; Adver- 
tising Staff of Stage Coach '49; Vice Hall 
Counselo r '40; Sigma. 

Vivian Crenshaw Scott Farmville, N. C 

Peaches, May Day, literature loner 

Dramatic Club ^fi-^o; "Grammer Gur- 
ton's Needle," " 12th Night," "As You 
Like It," "Little Women"; Senior Life 
Saving '47; Orche;is '49, President '50; 
Half Counselor '50; Server '49; Crucifer 
'50; Letter Club '49-'5o; Canterbury 
Club *46-*5o; Dance Group '49; May Day 
Pageant '46- 50; Hall Representative '47; 



Betty LuFerne Shields Raleigh, N. C. 

long hair, sweet V petite 

Dramatic Club '49; "A Child Is Born" 
'49; "As You Like It" '49; May Day 
Pageant '49; Advertising Staff of Stace 
Coach '49; Sigma. 

Sara Ann Shueord Arden, N. C. 

"Come on, Mus" Psychology class, mountaineer 

Choir '49-'5o; Glee Club '49; Letter 
Club > 49- > 5o; Vice-President Mu Society 
'50; Dramatics Club '49-'50; "As You 
Like It" '49; Canterbury Club '49-*5o; 
Alt-Star Volleyball '49; All-Star Softball 
'49; "The Young And Fair" '50; Bulletin 
'50; Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Mary Bertolet Smith Greenville, N. C. 

Phi Dells, Dook, dark eyes 

Hall Vice-Counselor '50; Choir ' 50; 
Y.W.C.A. '49-' 50; Mu. 

Anne Badger Smith 
turne<l-itp socks, "energy" 

Raleigh, N. C. 
commit lee-appointer 

Belles '48; Hockey Team '48; Advertising 
Staff of Stage Coach '49; President of 
Day Students '50; Legislative Body '50; 
Grandaughters Club '50; Sigma. 

Patty Sherrod Starr Newport, Tenn. 

cute, twinkle eyes, lab mishaps 

Mu Cheerleader '49; Granddaughters 
Club '49-'5o; Swimming Club "49-*5o: 
Stage Coach Staff* "50; Altar Guild '50; 
Canterbury Club '49-'5o; Y.W.C.A. '49- 
'50; Dramatic Club '49, President '50; 
Hall Vice-Counselor '50; Orchesis "50; 
Server '50; Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 

Joan Moore Stieber 

Pelham Manor, X. Y. 

Yankee talk, dramatics, wit 

Granddaughters '4q-'5o: "Church Street" 
'49; Dramatic Club *49~'5o; .Assistant 
Stage Manager for "As You Like It"" "49; 
Christmas Pageant '50: "A Child is Born'" 
'49; Business Staff of Stage Coach "30; 



Jean Gordon Stockton 

Winston-Salem N. C. 

cross bearer, Twin City, Joe 

Glee Club '4g-'50; Swimming Club '49- 
'50; Granddaug liters Club '49 -, 5°; 

Y.W.C.A. '49-'5o; Altar Guild '50; Cruci- 
fer '50; Sigma. 

Anna Frank Strosnider Goldsboro, N. C. 

cheerful, Morekead, dependable 

Glee Club '49; Choir, Vice-President '50; 
Secretary Senior Class '50; Swimming 
Club '50; Altar Guild '50; Secretary- 
Treasurer Y.W.C.A. '5b; Doctor's Daugh- 
ters Club '4g-'5o; Hall Council '50; Stage 
Coach Staff ' 49-^50; Christmas Pageant 
'50; Mu. 

Elizabeth Stokes Suiter 

Garysbury, N. C 

dimples, natural, William 

Y.W.C.A. '4g- J 5o; Stage Coach Business 
Staff '49; Sigma. 

Laura Ellen Weaver Asheville, N. C. 

Plica's, dramatic, Western hills 

Doctor's Daughter's Club '49-'5o; Grand- 
daughters Club '49-'5o; Choir ^g-^o; 
Canterbury Club '49; Sigma Pi Alpha 
49-5 ; Mu. 

Margaret Elizabeth Wilkins 

Durham, N. C. 

entertainer, Skeelie, vitality 

Y.W.C.A. '46-'5o; Mu; All-Star Hockey 
Team '49, Hall Representative '49; 
Dance Marshal '49. 

Alice Lambeth Wilson 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Bill, considerate, bubbling 

.Belles '50; Bulletin '50; Y.W.C.A. '4g-'5o; 
Swimming '50; Legislative Body Chair- 
man '50; Christmas Pageant '50; Mu. 



Barbara Kathryn Wooten 

Gastonia, N. C. 

outstanding, (t Babs" f on the go 

President of Student Government Asso- 
ciation '50; Sigma Pi Alpha '48-'5o; 
Stage Coach Staff '47-'48; Belles '^B-'^o, 
Headline Editor '49; Bulletin '48-'4g; 
Honor Council "49-'5o; Legislative Body 
'49-'5o; Vice-Counselor '50; Y.W.C.A. 
'47-'5o; Y.W.C.A. Council '49; Altai- 
Guild '49-'5o; Dramatic Club '47-'49; 
Glee Club '48-'49; Choir '46-' 50; Con- 
stitution Committee '49; Hall Represent- 
ative '47-' 49; Circle '49-'5o; Christmas 
Pageant '50; Mu. 

Jean Striplin Wranek. Lynchburg, V'a. 

Army-Navy game, drawl, congenial 

Choir '49-'5o; Glee Club '49; Canterbury 
Club '49-'5o; Softball Team '49; Sigma. 

Helen Person Young Henderson, N. C 

ii f''oggy'\ blond 'if, skates 

Canterbury Club , 49-'5o; Glee Club '49; 

Franic, but tun 

Junior Oastf 


Stella Cobbs 

Ann Rixey 

Julia Steed 

Mary Sue Stroupe 

Left to right: Stroupe, Cobbs, Rixey, Steed. 




First row, left to right: 

Second row: 

Third row: 

Allen, Mary Frances 
Statesville, N. C. 

Bevan, Betty Wren 
Norfolk, Va. 

Campbell, Neville Antoinette 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Armistead, Katherine Brumly 
Kinston, N. C. 

Biki.e, Catherine Clark 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Chapman, Laura Clark 

Asheville. N. C. 

Barnes, Constance 
Wilson, N. C. 

Bobbitt, Nancy Lou 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Cheek, Elizabeth Taylor 
Wilson, N. C. 

Batchelor, Olive Lytle 
Greenville, N. C. 

Bonin. Louise 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Clark, Barbara Ann 
Roanoke, Va. 

Battle, Betty Lewis 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Boykin, Carolyn Wooten 
Boykin, S. C. 

Cobb, Mildred Borden 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Battle, Mary Thomas 
Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Brock, Margaret Ann 
Richlands, N. C. 

Cobbs, Stella Stickney 
Anniston, Ala. 

Bell, Joanne 
Wilson, N. C. 

Bullard, June Arden 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Cobey. Caroline Winter 

Louisburg, N. C. 



First row, left to right: 

Second row: 

Third row: 

Corleto, Frances Marie 
Norfolk, Va. 

Dickinson, Geraldine 
Beaufort, N. C. 

Friday, Suzanne Marie 
Charleston, S. C. 

Craft, Brookie Drake 
Wadesboro, N. C. 

Dixon, Barbara Elizabeth 
Crewe, Va. 

Fulchum, Juliet Elizabeth 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Crawford, Dorothy Edna 
Goldsboro, N. C 

Dunn, Anne Varoa 
Greenville, N. C. 

Gaston, Mary Margaret 
Belmont, N. C. 

Davis, Laura Duncan 
Beaufort, N. C. 

Dunn, Margaret Gibbs 
New Bern, N. C. 

Gilliam, Virginia Randolph 
Raleigh, N. C. 

DeHart, Martha Hasseltine 
Winston Salem, N. C. 

Edwards, Mamie LaNelle 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Gordon, Grace Calvert 
Spray, N. C. 

Dell, Susannah 
Hickory, N. C. 

Feimster, Elise Shepherd 
Columbus, Ga. 

Gould, Katherine Jean 
Gastonia, N, C. 

Derrickson, Nancy Frazier 
Morehead City, N. C. 

Fisher, Emily Margaret 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Grady, Jeffrie Ann 
Raleigh, N. C. 



First row: 

.Second row: 

Third row: 

Graham, Jean Elizabeth 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Lloyd, Jane Marie 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Mowery, Virginia Downs 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Greene, Ann Inez 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Lynch, Merre-Lyn 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

McCoy, Ellen 
Orangeburg, S. C. 

Guthrie, Mary Anne 
Raleigh, N. C. 

May, Alice Frances 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

McCutchen. Joan Bryan 
Lincolnton, N. C. 

Hall, Virginia Flora 
Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Miles, Ann Ruth 
Durham, N. C. 

McGhee, Jean Mann 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Harrison, Mary Spooner 
Enfield, N. C. 

Milliken, Louise Manning 
Southern Pines, N. C. 

McGlaughon, Charlotte 
Winston-Salem, X. C. 

Hooker, Madge Field 
Martinsville, Va. 

Moore, Ellen Gatewood 
Marion, S. C. 

McGuirk, Martha Taylor 
Morganton. N. C. 

Lang, Jean Marie 
Rehoboth, Va. 

Moose, Rebecca Ann 
Boone, N. C. 

Nicoll, Ann Gottfredson 
Charlotte. N. C. 



First row, left to right: 

Second row: 

Third row: 

Nooe, Elizabeth Parrot 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Puoh, Dorothy Jean 
New Bern, N. C. 

Royster, Julia Ann 
Chase City, Va. 

Oettinger, Evelyn Allison 
Kinston, N. C. 


Enfield, N. C. 

Ruble, Mary Ruth 
Newport, Tenn. 

Page, Margaret Jean 
Williamsburg, Va. 

Randolph, Mary Elizabeth Fitz 
Lancaster, Ohio 

Sasser, Margret Anne 
Concord, N. C. 

Parshley, Dorothy 
Providence, R. I. 

Reuning, June Ellen 
Bristol, Va. 

Saunders, Eunice Jordan 
Lumberton, N. C. 

Pearson, Margaret Louise 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Rixey, Anne Cornick 
Norfolk, Va. 

Scovil, Rosemary 
Greenville, S. C 

Perry, Anne MagRae 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Rogers, Edith Lillian 
Wilmington, N. C. . 

Shanklin, Edith Conyers 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Poland, Jean Cameron 
Arlington, Va. 

Rowe, Tonia 
Burgaw, N. C. 

Shannon, Marilyn Louise 
Greenville, S. G. 


First row, left to right: 

Second row: 

Third row: 

Sims, Sandra Wood 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Strupe, Mary Sue 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

White, Frances Allein 
Chester, S. C. 

Sledge, Nancy Carol 
Whiteville, N. C. 

Sutton, Mary Kerr 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Williams, Anne Benson 
Durham, N. G. 

Stanard, Rosella 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Tew, Harriet 
Savannah, Ga. 

Williams, Frances Mitchell 
Fayetteville, N. C. 

Steed, Julia Boggs 
Richlands, N. C. 

Waddell, Anne Carrington 
South Boston, Va. 

Williamson. Betty Ann 
Cerro Gordo. N. G. 

Stewart, Margaret Mary 
New York, N. Y. 

Wall, Elizabeth Bowne 
High Point, N. C. 

Woodruff, Nancy Elizabeth 
Nashville. N. C. 

Stonham, Patricia Ruth 
Hendersonville, N. G. 

Welsh, Carolyn Mary 
Hartford, Conn. 

Woodson, Grace Mathilda 
Salisbury, N. C. 

Strickland, Mary Ragsdale 
High Point, N. C. 

White, Emma Lou 
Oxford, N. C. 

Yamamoto, Sonoko 
Tokyo, Japan 



Mary Anne Gray 

Elizabeth Moran 

Louise Warren 

Mary Louise Jackman 

Seated: Gray 

Standing: Warren, Moran, Jackman. 

Arrington. Robin Tvree, Rocky Mount, N. C; Banks, Betty Lynne, Wilson, N. C; Bennett, Iola Taylor 
Fuquay Springs, N. C; Boddie, Lucy Ann, Rocky Mount, N. C; Britt, Betsy Bridgers. Kinston, N. C; Busic 
Norma Janice, Galax, Va.; Byrd, Barbara Reaves, Mount Olive, N. C.; Creel, Ida Elizabeth, Dunn, N. C. 
Gray, Mary Anne, Orlanda, Flo.; Hartzog, Mary Anne, Lexington, N. C; Humphrey, Helen Marie, Jackson 
ville, N. C; Hutchens, Margaret Anne, North Wilkesboro, N. C; Jackman, Mary Louise, Charlotte, N. C. 
Moran, Elizabeth Douglas, Raleigh, N. C; Morgan, Martha Elizabeth, Raleigh, N. C; Ray, Priscilla Irving 
Charlotte, N. C; Rogers, Barbara Sutherland, Raleigh, N. C; Spencer, Isabel Stone, Tarboro, N. C; Stephen 
son, Susan Anne, Raleigh, N. C; Stewart, Jo Ann, Charlotte, N. C; Warren, Elsie Louise, Richlands, N. C. 

First row, left to right: Rislcy, Watkins 
Second row: Daniel, Gilmore 

i§>opf)omore Claste 


Adele King Risley 

Lou Ann Watkins 

Katherine Ann Daniel 

Nedra Loveridge Gilmore 


Acker, Jeanne Marie 
Anniston, Alabama 

Adams, Emilie Norwood 
Ahoskie, N. C. 

Austin, Shirley Elizabeth 
Kannapolis, N. C. 

Boozer, Barbara Anne 
St. Augustine, Fla. 

Brabham, Mary Roberta 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Buchanan, Pearle Long 
Hendersonville, N. C. 

Buchly, Ann Lane 
Laredo, Texas 

Cheatham, Margaret Davis 
Henderson, N. C. 

Clarkson, Jacq_uelyn Taylor 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Combs, Martha Allen 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Cozart, Rachel Stedman 
Fuquay Springs, N. C. 
Crenshaw, Shirley Jane 
Lancaster, S. C. 

Crofton, Nell Boone 
Lumberton, N. C. 

Curlee, Martha Ann 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Daniel, Katherine Ann 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Davis, Nancy King 
Hickman, Ky. 

Dorris, Elisabeth Strange 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Edwards, Cornelia Williams 
Snow Hill, N. C. 

Fitzgerald, Henri Ann 
Princeton, N. C. 

Fulton, Barbara Ann 
Walnut Cove, N. C. 
Garvey, Sarah May 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Gilmore, Nedra Loveridge 
Nichols, S. C. 

Gregson, Peggy Ann 
Richmond, Va. 

Harris, Carolyn Ann 
Galax, Va. 

Hays, Laura Madura 
Durham, N. C. 

Hazard, Thelma Lois 
Haw River, N. C. 

Hicks, Frances Adele 
. Raleigh, N. C. 

Hicks, Mary Alice 
Faison, N. C. 

Hill, Barbara Pressly 
Anderson, S. C. 

Hood, Martha Adelaide 
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, S. A. 

Johnson, Frances Wyatt 
Belle Haven, Va. 

Johnson, Margaret Elizabeth 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Jones, Alice Venable 
Warrenton, N. C. 

Kennedy, Georgia Baxter 
Williston, S. C. 

Kyle, Anne Wingate 
London Bridge, Va. 

Myers, Martha Murray 
Concord, N. C. 

McCann, Louise Stevens 
Charlotte, N. C, 

McCutcheon, Julia Parrott 
Durham, N. C. 

McKee, Mary Stuart 
Mt. Olive, N. C. 

McNulty, Irene Bullock 
Columbia, S. C. 

Nelson, Ann Purrington 
Lenoir, N. C. 
Patterson, Ann 
Edenton, N. C. 

Penton, Marjorie Willard 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Pickett, Frances Jane 
High Point, N. C. 
Polk, Marion Knox 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Redding, Anna Ingram 
' Plandome, L. I., N. V. 
Rhodes, Sarah Frances 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Risley, Adele King 
Savannah, Ga. 

Rustin, Shepherd Amelia 
Gastonia, N. C. 

Shumaker, Rose Elaine 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Smith, Suzanne McGee 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Stewart, Anne Marshall 
New York, N. Y. 

Swtnk, Eleanor Elizabeth 
Salisbury, N. C. 
Switzer, Elizabeth Blackburn 
Harrisonburg, \'a. 

Trowbridge, Joanne 
Plymouth, N. C. 
Watkins, Lucy Ann 
Henderson, N. C. 

Watson, Martha Alice 
Clemson, S. C. 

Westbrook, Carolyn 
Dunn, N. C 

Whitley, Elizabeth Murray 
Williamston, N. C. 

Wood, Elizabeth Roberts 
Edenton, N. C. 


Jfresfjman Cla££ 


Sally Dalton 

Jane Nisbet 

Tresca Bowles 


Kathy LeStourgeon 

Left to right: LeStourgeon, Dalton, Nisbet, Bowles 


Bernhardt, Nancy Thornwell, Lenoir, N. C; Bisanar, Caroline Elizabeth, 
Concord, N. C; Bowles, Mary Tresca, Durham, N. C; Brannon, Annette 
Laetitia, Durham, N. C; Brown, Jane McNees, Greenville, S. C; Clegg, Mary 
Ann, Mount Holly, N. C; Dalton, Sally Gossett, Charlotte, N. C; Daniels, 
Patricia Baoi.ey, Raleigh, N. C; Davenport, Mary Anderson, Timmonsville, 
S. C; Duer, Charlotte Hope, Nassawadox, Va.; 


Saint Mary's School Library 




Clinton, S. C. 

Elev, Nell Deans 
Ahoskic, N. C. 

Catling, Clover Priscilla 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Hagood, Sally Damarest 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Haltom, Nangy Anne 
High Point, N. C. 

Harris, Ci.airene Tankard 
Seaboard, N. C. 

Jones, Freta Ann 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Lassiter, Faith Himrod 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Law, Beaufort Sims 
Fayetteville, N. C. 

LeStourgeon, Kathryn Fontaine 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Matheson, Laura Deake 
Ahoskie, N. C. 

Monk, Mary Louise 
Durham, N. C. 

McDowell, Mary Jane 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Neal, Adeline Bacon 
Marion, N. C. 

Nisbet, Mary Jane 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Nolan, Julia Marion 
Sturgis, Michigan 
Owens, Anna Jane 
Wilson, N. C. 

Robinson, Faith Cobb 
Washington, D. C. 

Robinson, Suzanne Smyre 
Gastonia, N. C. 

Rutter, Beverly Grace 
Ormond Beach, Flz. 
Saunders, Elizabeth Tracques 
Columbia, S. C. 

Summerlin, Margaret Jean 
Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Summers, Cynthia Jean 
Richmond, Va. 

Swindell, Florence Clarke 
Raleigh. N. C. 

Tucker, Carolyn Blair 
Louisburg. N. C. 

Urquhart, Mary Louisa 
Courtland, Va. 

Ward, Jane Carolyn 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Williams, Margaret 
Raleigh, N. C 


Canbibate* for Certificates;— 1949 50 

Fine Arts 

Betty Battle, Nancy Sue Burdette, 
Frances Elder, Lila Rousseau. 


Mary Elizabeth Bowles, Cynthia 
Davis, Carolyn Kizer, Joanne Liles, 
Berta Allen Russ, Martha Nash. 

Speech and Theatre Arls 

Martha Allen Combs, Elizabeth 
Strange Dorris, Helen Marie Hum- 
phrey, Frances Wyatt Johnson, Re- 

becca Ann Moose, Adele King Ris- 









•ine Faucette 

Domestic Arts 



Margaret Wilkins 

Special i§>tubent£ 

Cicely Browne 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Nell Hirschberg 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Barbara Jean Billiard 

Repton Hall Merritt, Jr. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Jane Clendenin 

Mrs. Mary Rose Miller 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Patricia Lucile Davis 
Raleigh, N. C. 

George Robinson Ragsdale 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Frances Nell Greene 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Janie Jolly Ragsdale 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Harriet Hortense Harris 
Franklinton, N. C. 

Elizabeth Anne Welch 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Mary Susan Hayes 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Helen Pearl Whitfield 

Mrs. P. F. Yates 
Raleigh, N. C. 













Vol XII. No 4 


Elections C( 
In Meetings 

Tl |.l 

theii '■- in ■ 

|.M'.;ii,'iil ; ]...!! 

pvi tideni ; Kav 

,::,, \„ln, Gil,, 

II" ' ' ill 

clirl I ..''.i i. 

[JOtlji Member i« 

Kr.rj Ri IflJ 

fli-orgia, i .- -•■ 
of -1,. I)i utii 

l.rluli v ( lul. *^^ 

i Henderson, is "ii fin >',-,■. 

'■„„./, gtnff, u mi ruber ..r tbi ' '80- 
turburj Club mid u Mu, Kay Dan- 
i--l-. who i- from Fori Lauderdale, 
Florida, i- a Sigma, and i bar 




"f ili.' Canterbury Olub and the I'm- booth* 

lli;ltlr I 'lllli. 

Ntilra Ciitmoro -f Nichols, S. C 

i . i u''-|M-i'M>i<'nt ut' the I loelor 
Daughter*; Club, a member •■( tfc 

ktnged u- \> \ iiu coatamm, in tin* !., -i 
• if which ii prijw will be awarded, 
rhe -'in "ill In' transformed into 

h Halloween reem mplota with a 

horror house and u houu <>( frealnt, 
n addition i" minei Haneoui surprise 

fortune teller 

Siiint Murv'.," I. hi 1 i- . 

in. i l.r announced until (In ai in 

presented iii ri,. ptodt i'i ■ 

Election -it "in i,i. 
will 1m. Iii'bl noxt week, \ 

pple bobbing coi i. la wishing '"■;!'"'", *" >"" r "" "i' 1 "" 

1 r. ... . . . ■ ui ..,.,. i .,. ii .i ,,,,,, .. ,.,,■ r,. .... 

•ell will complete the planned outer 
la Lament. 
In charge of the decoration coin 

v> III soled outstanding girls fr 

their class, and those girl 
listed in 'Ik' aunnal. 

Tin. daJieariar, r-Wtinn olnwdv 

October 28, 1949 


■ Li ida ■ 

pe, Steed, 
ag ibi pwt 

itrv; Murv 
,ml Uickn 

■bury Club, 

— - m . 

•iuiim »i»-iii !• trom mcDland*. Bau 

i .i-. «f tin BELU 

lation Staff, Y.W.I -A., at,'! lb. Drn- 


\r.ii N ' • . : r girl. i» 

from Cbarlotli Sla m ■ Sigma and 

i.rl.iirv i lull, and I ' 

Sui Si roupe, from Wins! 
i- ,i Sigma ml '■ i ■ !"■• ii.l»-r nf 
the Altar Uin'M onil rl... V WC \ 

gnesl .i ■■' direct them to ibr dnnee, representative and n Mu, '' ' ! " ■ ' '" produe- Other nomiui n were the follow- 

Finvlly, ihi< marshals - -■ the Kuxanne w from Gnstonia She lion will In Faming i ; SJ j n g. Suaanne Fridi 

dancer-, arc provided with music, re- i* a member of Ibe Dramatic ,\inshrj Pryor is director "i tbi Lynch, Ann N'icoll, and EEnnir-a, and I'm. Miiuirni i.i club. Y.W.C.A., and she is a Mu. local Little Theatn group. Saondera 

Berta Allen Russ 

Sylvia Newson 
Associate Editor 

Scottie Kent 
Associate Editor 

Because of the patient perserverance of Bert, the Belles, the school paper, has been published 
bi-monthly. Who, what, when, where and why have been discussed in a lively manner all year 
long. Our thanks to you, Bert, and to your staff. 
P.S. We could not have done it without you, "Mr. CAP/ 1 

Berta Allen Russ 



^a v 


Betty Bowles 


Under the guidance of Betty Bowles, editor, and the cooperation of Miss Doro Winters, alumni 
secretary, The Bulletin, the Saint Mary's magazine, has been published three times during the 
year. Containing interesting creative writing from students and news from alumni, the Bulletin 
helps keep old S.M.S. girls in touch with school life. 

Lucile Best 

2Tf)e g>tage Coacf) g>taff 

From September 12 until May 29. this, the 108th 

year of Saint Mary's existence, has been the best! We 

have tried to record the year in pictures so that in years 

to come as you flip the pages of the 1950 Stage Coach, 

it will bring chuckles, tears and a great pride that you 

were a Saint Mary's girl. 

Lucile and Eliza 

Eunice Bizzell, Jane Brown, Barbara Clark, Caroline Cobey,-Sally Dalton. Laura Davis, Suzanne Dawson. Aurelia 
Fulton, Barbara Fulton, Grace Gordan, Rosalie Huske, Carolyn Kizer, G. B. Kennedy, Mimi Lynch, Alice May, 
Martha Nash, Anne Nicoll, Jean Page, Dorothy Parshley, Mary Anne Rose, Margaret Ann Sasser, Betty Ray, Patty 
Starr, Pat Stonham, Frankie Strosnider, Lou Ann Watkins. 


g>tage Coacf) Pttfine** H>tatf 

Eliza Chiplev 
Business Manager 

Jeanne Acker, Betty Bevan, Cecile Bickett, Catherine Bikle, Nancy Bobbitt, Helen Brundage, June Billiard, Martha 
Combs, Patsy Davis, Libba Dorris, Gloria Farnell, Shirley Fox, Juliette Fulghum, Grace Gordon, Sally Hagood, 
Nancy Haltom, Adele Hicks, Peggy Johnson, Joanne Liles, Mary Jane McDowell, Ann McKcnzie, Jane Nisbet, 
Ann Rixey, Bert Allen Russ, Sue Smith, Florence Swindell. Eleanor Swink, Emma Lou White, Margaret Williams. 
Alice Wilson, Grace Woodson. 


®f)e ©rber of tfje Circle 

Luctle Best 


Rosalie Huske 

Suzanne Dawson 






















Out of the stillness of midnight, white clad figures appear, each with 
a burning candle. The Circle walks! It is a ceremony of great signifi- 
cance and solemnity. The Order of the Circle is a secret organization 
and membership in this order constitutes the highest honor which 
can come to a Saint Mary's girl. 


Alice Hicks 

Rachel Cozart 
Marjorie Penton 

Elizabeth Dorris 

Barbara Ann Fulton 
Georgia Baxter Kennedy 
Frances Johnson 

Lou Ann Watkins 

Julia McCutcheon 
Nedra Gilmore 


President, Jo Gaither; Vice-President, Betty Ray; Secretary, Olivia Lynch, Treasurer, Ann Nicoll. Armistcad, Arling- 
ton, Battle, Best, Boykin, Britt, Brock, B. Brown, J. Brown, Brundage, Buchly, Cahoon, Campbell, Chapman, Cheatam, 
Cheek, Chew, Clark, Clarkson, Clifton, Cobb, Cobbs, Cobey, Craft, Daniel, C. Davis, L. Davis, N. Davis, Dawson, Dell, 
Dickinson, Dorris, A. Dunn, M. Dunn, Elder, Everagc, Feimster, Friday, Fulghum, A. Fulton, B. Fulton, Gordon, Gray, 
Hall, Harrison, Harriss, Holcomb, Kent, Kizer, Kyle, Landis, M. Lynch, O. Lynch, Milliken, Moore, McCoy, Mc- 
Cutchen, McFarland, McKee, Nash, Neal, Nicoll, Nolan, Oettinger, Parshlcy, Patterson, Pearson, Pickett, Poland, 
Polk, Randolph, Ray, Rhodes, Rislcy, Rixey, Robertson, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Rousseau, Rutter, Saunders, Scovil, Scott, 
Shuford, Smith, Spencer, Starr, A. Stewart, J. Stewart, M. Stewart, Stonham, Sutton, Swink, Switzer, Tew, 
Urquhart, Waddell, Wall, Watkins, Weaver, White, Williams, Wood, Wootcn, Wranek, Yamamoto, Young. 

President Sylvia Newson, Vice-President Betty Anne Williamson, Secretary-Treasurer Frankie Strosnider, Acker, Adams, 
Allen, Austin, Batchelor, Barnes, Bell, Bernhardt, Bikle, Bisanar, Bizzell, Boddie. Bonin, B. Bowles, T. Bowles, Boyette, 
Brabham, Brannon, Buchanan, Busic, Byram, Bcven, Bennett, Clcgg, Corleto, Cozart, Crawford, Creel, Crenshaw, 
Crofton, Dalton, Davis, dcHart, Dcrickson, N. Dixon, B. Dixon, Edwards, Eley, Eichclbcrger, English, Farnell. 
Fitzgerald, Garvey, Gaston, Gilmore, Gould, Grcgson, Guthrie, Hagood, Haltom, Carolyn Harris, Clairene Harris, 
Harp, Hartzog, Hayes, Hazard, Hill, Hicks, Holmes, Hood, Jackman. Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Law, Lang. Lewis, 
LcStourgeon, Lloyd, Lutz, Matheson, May, Miles, Monk, Mowcry, Myers, McCann, McCuthcon, McGlaughon, 
McGuirk, McNulty, Nelson, Nesbet, Newson, Owens, Page, Proctor, Pugh, Ray, Redding, Reuning, Robinson, 
Rowe, Royster, Ruble, Rustin, Sasser, Scarboro, Shannon, Sledge, Steed, Strosnider, Stockton, Strickland, Strupc, 
Suiter, Summers, Summerlin, Trowbridge, Watson, Westbrook, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Whitley, 
Woodruff, Wooten. 



Bonin, Cahoon, Cobey, Davenport, Dell, Edwards, Eichell 
Harp, Kent, Lynch, Mowery, Neal, Parshley, Penton, Ray, 
nider, Westbrook, Williamson, Wooten, Wranek. 

erger, Elder, Friday, Haltom, Harney, 
Rogers, Rutter, Shuford, Smith, Stros- 

Frances Elder, President; Bizzell, Boykin, Brundage, Cobb, Cobbs, Cobey, Dawson, Dell, A. Dunn, 
M. Dunn, Elder, Feimster, Fulton, Gaither, Hall, Harney, M. Lynch, O. Lynch, May, McClaughon, 
McCutchen, McFarland, McGuirk, Nash, Newson, Nicoll, Poland, Randolph, Ray, Rogers, Rose, 
Rowland, Saunders, Scovil, Spenser, Starr, Stewart, Stockton, Stonham, Strosnider, Strupe, Wad- 
dell, Wall, and Wooten. 


>r* (W 


yfftfE 1*, &s &t ",' 

<©ranbbaugf)ter£ Club 

Betty Ray, President; Becky Wall, Vice-President; Grace Gordon, Secretary; Lila Rousseau, Treasurer; Battle, Bickctt, 
Boykin. Cahoon, Chapman, Cheatham, Chipley, Clendenin, Clifton, Cobb, Cobbs, Craft, Dalton, Davis. Dorris, 

A. Dunn, M. Dunn, Gaither, Gilliam, Gilmore, Gordon, Guthrie, Hall, Harrison, Harriss, Hays, Hicks. Johnson, 
Jones, Kyle, Milliken, McCoy, McDowell, McFarland, McGuirk, Neal, Pearson, Penton. Ray, Rhodes. Robinson, 

B. Rogers, E. Rogers, Rose, Rousseau, Starr, Stieber, Stockton, Strosnidcr, Wall, Ward, Weaver, Wood, Woodson. 

Bottom' Baugfjter* Club 

Eunice Bizzell, President; Nedra Gilmore, Vice-President; Shirley Fox. Secretary-Treasurer; Bell, 
Bobbin, Bowles, Cobb, Cozart, Dixon, Garvey, Gray, Hicks, Liles, Matheson, Milliken. Monk, 
McCutcheon, Ray, Rousseau, Saunders, Scott, Smith, Strosnider, Summers, Swindell. Weaver. 

(glee Club 

Betty Ann Williamson, President; Sylvia Newson and Patsy Davis, Librarians; Armistead, Arrington, 
Austin, Barnes, Buchly, Bullard, Chapman, Clark, Cobey, Davenport, N. Davis, P. Davis, Dell, 
Dixon, Duer, Edwards, Eichelberger, Faucette, Friday, Fulghum, Gould, Haltom, Harp Kent, 
Le Stourgeon, Lynch, Mowery, Nelson, Newson, Parshley, Penton, Redding, Reuning, Rousseau, 
Rutter, Stockton, Westbrook, White, Williamson, Wood, Woodruff, Woodson. 

^tgma $t Slp^a 

Anne Cahoon, President; Jo Gaither, Vice-President; Mary Scarboro, Secretary -Treasurer; Armi- 
stead, Best, Bowles, Brundage, Davis, Everage, Fulton, Gilliam, Holmes, Kizer, Lewis, Lynch, 
Ray, Rose, Russ, Strosnider, Weaver, Wilson, Wooten. 

Dramatics; Club 

Patty Starr, President; Virginia Mowery, Vice-President; Mary Frances Allen, Secretary and Pub- 
licity Manager; Elizabeth Dorris, Program Chairman; Acker, Allen, Armistead, Arrington, Austin. 
Batchelor, Battle, Best, Bevan, Boddie, Bonin, Bowles, B. Bowles, T. Brannon, Brock, Brown, Buchan- 
an, Cheek, Clark, Clarkson, Clegg, Cobbs, Combs, Creel, Daniel, Dawson, Dixon, Dorris, Duer, Ed- 
wards, English, Farnell, Friday, Fulghum, Catling, Gilliam, Gordon, Graham, Hagood, Halton, 
Harris, Hicks, Hill, Hooker, Humphrey, Johnson, Kelly, Stourgeon, Lewis, Liles, Linker, May, 
Monk, Moore, Moose, Mowery, Myers, McCutchen, McDowell, Nisbet, Noe, Parshley, Patterson, 
Pearson, Polk, Redding, Risley, Rixey, Robinson, Rogers, Scott, Shanklin, Shannon, Shuford, 
Shumaker, Sims, Stanard, Starr, Steed, Stephenson, Stieber, Strickland, Summerlin, Summers, 
Sutton, Swink, Tew, Welsh, Westbrook, E. White, A. White, Williamson, Wooten, Woodruff. Yama- 
moto, Dickinson. 


Vivian Scott, President; Betty Ann Williamson, Secretary-Treasurer; Best. Bizzell, Buckley. Cahoon. 
Clifton, Cobb, Dorris, Everage, Harriss, Humphrey, Jones, Kent, Landis, McFarland. Randolph, 
Robertson, Rowe, Rubble, Risley, Scott, Summers, Welsh, Williamson. 





Pepper Neal, President; Evelyn Oettinger, Vice-Presi- 


Boddie, Hooker, Rousseau, Tew, Byram. 


Betsy Brown, President; Lucile Best, Betty Bowles, 
Suzanne Dawson. Cynthia Davis, Aurelia Fulton, 
Heilig Harney, Adcle Hicks, Anne Pepper Xeal, Sylvia, 
Newson, Evelyn Oettinger, Sara Anne Proctor. Mary 
Mar Ragland, Lila Rousseau, Sara Ann Shuford. 
Vivian Scott. 

i ».a 



Ann Shuford, Vice-President; Sara Anne Proctor 

Best, Humphrey, Ray, Movvery, and Fulghur 


Miss Liverman, Brown, Mrs. Guess, Shuford, Neal, 
Oettinger, Proctor. 











$mg $ong 





Posture Queen 




i"K ■ ' 




The Marshals, selected for their style and dignity, lead the Saint Mary's gir 
in their processions to the worship services in the Chapel as well as to all schoc 
functions. They will represent the typical Saint Mary's girl. 

Suzanne Dawson, Chief 
Bt-tly Bowles 
Aurelia Fulton 

Libba Roe 
Mary Anne Rose 
Lila Rousseau 

Left to right: Rose, Fulton. Rousseau, Dawson, Bowles, Roe. 


Bance Jlarsifmte 

The Dance Marshals arc in charge of all school dances, especially the traditional 
"girl-break" dances. Because of their faithful work, Saint Mary's dances have the 
reputation of being simply dc — vine! 

Virginia Ann Landis, Chief 
Frankic Allen 
Robin Arlington 
Nancy Bobbin 
Ann Cahoon 

Binny Chew 
Beth Harriss 
Teena McNulty 
Virginia Mowery 
Sylvia Newson 

Suzanne Robinson 
Mary Ruth Ruble 
Masie Strictland 
Beckey Wall 

Betsy Wood 

First row, left to right: Bobbin, Wall, McNulty, Landis, Strictland, Newson, Mowery. Second row: 
Arrington, Robinson, Wood, Allen, Cahoon, Chew, Harris. 


To be a "superlative" is a coveted 
award. By the vote of the Senior Class, 
these twelve seniors represent the traits 


School Spirit 






of character which put together, equal 
the ideal Saint Mary's girl. 


















May Queen rgjo 


Rachel Cozart 
Suzanne Dawson 

jlap Court I960 

Margaret Wilkins 
Betsy Wood 

Mary Mar Ragland 

Monie Rowland 

Beth Harriss 
Tina McNulty 

Mary Ruth Ruble 
Sandra Sims 

Not Pictured: 
Sylvia Newson 




The following girls were chosen by the 
student body of Saint Mary's as out- 

* 1 



— ; ^B -^ ^H S 


/* ^H B 

; 1 

ft" 1 

If ■ f 




standing girls in the Senior Class — a rare 
honor indeed ! 











Wx& =¥ 

October 12, 1949 

Miss Luolle Best 
Clinton, North Carolina 

Dear Miss Beat: 

I certainly appreciate the honor you have conferred 
upon me, but you surely gave me a tough assignment 
to choose the most beautiful girl. 

S 6 ™^ 1 ^ 1 " 9 ? U J° pratty ' " was almo3t ^Possible 
to make the selection. However, after much delibera- 
tion. I have done so and my choice is Miss Sylvia 


Miss Saint Mary's 
of '950 . 

I certainly hope my selection meets with the Student 
Body's approval. 

Again thanks for the honor and thanks for your interest. 
With best personal wishes, I am 

Sincerely yours v 

Kay ^yser / 



©dentation Wnk 

Jfflap Bap anb (©rabuatton — 1949 

Cf)e Senior Bance — December 10 




9 ®pptcal Bap at & JW. ft. 





of Quality and Distinctiveness 


Compliments of 



Hillsboro St. Extension, Raleigh 


DIAL 5589 



Richard G. Stone, President 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

High school graduates are offered two years of standard college work. 
The curriculum also includes 1 1th and 12th grades of high school work. 
All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. 

Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics 

and Music Departments with Tuition included 

in General Charge 

Twenty-Acre Campus — Field Sports — Gymnasium — Tennis 

Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool — Horseback Riding — Golf 


Write for Catalogue and View Book 





''House of Quality" 


Fountain Pens 

Sheaffer ■ Parker 
Eversliarp - Waterman 

Albums - Memory Books 

Loose Leaf Books 


108 Fayetteville Street Phone 2-2913 







Arthur E. Buddenhagen 






Headquarters for College 

Boys and Girls 




We Serve Choice Steaks 
and Dinners Daily 

325-331 South Wilmington Street 

1207 Hillsboro Street 


Raleigh, N. C. 

Jjynum Printing, Company, 

J\aleig,hy JVortn Carolina 





1217 Hillsboro Street 



Phone 5834 

Insurance Building 

Complete Drug Store Service 








Royal Baking Company 

208 Fayetteville Street 

Raleigh. North Carolina 

Raleigh, N. C. 

IES, whether you intend to become a "career girl" or plan to make 
a career of home making, electricity can be one of your most important 
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Compliments of 


Twenty Years of Service 



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Compliments of 



Pine State Creamery Co. 
Raleigh, N. C. 


By /) «-c 



Construction, Industrial and 

Logging Equipment 

Contractors' and Municipal Supplies 

"International Diesel Poirer" 

Raleigh Wilmington Charlotte 

Guilford Asheville & 





Cut Flowers : Corsages 
Graduation Bouquets : Decorations 

Phone 8347 


'We Grow the Flowers We Sell" 

Compliments of 


General Contractor 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Raleigh's Smartest Shop 

126 Fayetteville Street 

Featuring — 


For the College Miss Who Aspires to 

the Distinction of Being Smartly 

Gowned at All Times. 

Choice of the College 

Crowd for 25 



'Say it with Flowers' 


"Flowers by Jf ire 
to Any City" 








8871 — DIAL — 8871 

Phone 4635 

118 Fayetteville Street 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the 







121 Fayetteville Street 

Raleigh, N. C. 

For Belles with an Eye for STYLE 
Smart . . . Fashionable .... 

SUITS for every season 


Second Floor of Fashion 


3 Rs Add Another - 
R for Refreshment 


Compliments of 





Raleigh, N. C. 


Never gained easily — the graduate's diploma is a symbol of a 
truly great Achievement — one in which every graduate may take 
pride for all his life. 

The Achievement of gaining the confidence and friendship of 
students and faculty is one in which we not only take pride, but 
which we cherish and guard with constant vigilance. 



Fashions New 

as Today 



a#»t F*sa 





Compliments of 


Makers of Fine 



For Annuals 



PHONE 3-3512 


10'/2 West Martin Street 

Raleigh. N. C. 







Raleigh's Newest 


Raleigh, N. C. 

250 Rooms, Each With 

Bath, Radio and Electric Fan 

Robert I. Lee, Manager 

We Appreciate . . . 

Your patronage of the past season and 
sincerely trust our efforts to offer you 
the best in entertainment have been 





Since 1905 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Ambassador Capitol 


Tower Drive-in Theatre 

Operated by North Carolina Theatres, Inc. 


From a pamphlet: 

"Once upon a time a man of business hung a motto 
on his office wall, which read: 'No man is greater than 
his thoughts.' 

"To him it looked like good wisdom and sound reason- 
ing. One day a friend dropped in, and seeing the motto 
said, 'That's a good motto you have there, Bill, but I know 
a better one "No man is greater than his decisions".' 

"And so the 'Thoughts' motto was replaced with the 
'Decisions' motto and Bill's thinking moved up a step. 

Now then, both mottoes are. good, but I believe that 
if the last one was replaced by: "No man is greater than 

his faith," Bill's thinking would take another step upward 
For after all, according to our faith so are our decisions. 
We cannot make great decisions without great faith. 




— — 

Luw . 









S ;|fj«l|j 




* fji ^(^'* i! wy rk 


«. <*•. «* 

: v -' --4#4n»«-